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Wind resistant

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Generation 3 ECWCSEPIC by Nextec® Protective Combat Uniform levels

Level 5
Constructed with water resistant materials the Level V Soft Shell Jacket and Trousers provide light weight, low bulk and extreme comfort for movement. When combined with base and insulative layers this level serves as an excellent outer shell in moderate to cold environments.
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Level 7
Constructed with an outer shell fabric that has a water resistant finish and with PrimaLoft® Sport Thermal bonded high-loft insulation, Level VII is highly durable and breathable. The Extreme Cold Weather Parka and Trousers provide protection and warmth from the elements in cold conditions during static operations maintaining warmth even when wet.
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EPIC by Nextec® Protective Combat Uniform levels

Level 4
The soft windshirt is made from an encapsulated microfiber that repels water but also breathes for a variety of conditions. It's designed to pair with a next-to-skin layer for intense activity in cooler temperatures or with the Level 5 soft shell as a mid-layer. It stuffs into its own pocket for easy packing.

Level 5
The key to the entire system, this soft shell fabric jacket and pants are made with fibers encapsulated with silicone that are highly stretchable, windproof, water repellant and breathable. They are paired with Level 1 or 2 next-to-skin layers, ready for any cold weather aerobic activity.

Level 7
For extreme conditions, this lightweight, loft-insulated level in a jacket, vest and pants has the feel of down but retains its warmth when wet. Silicone-encapsulated fabric sheds water and is paired with Primaloft insulation for maximum warmth while the liner pulls away moisture.


EPIC by Nextec offers unmatched performance for today's warfighter.

EPIC® by Nextec’s patented encapsulation technology places a silicone barrier “inside” the fabric, not just on the surface like the older conventional methods of laminating/coating. This silicone barrier drastically decreases a fabric’s absorption; while increasing its weather resistance and aerobic breathability performance.

EPIC by Nextec® is superior to DWR because it is a durable weather barrier that is wind/water resistant wash after wash, wear after wear; the barrier remains. Durable water repellent treatments are only engineered to shed spills at lower launders with no wind barrier.

EPIC’s low absorbing fabrics (whether cotton, synthetics or blends) have become the cornerstone of the US military’s new layering systems. These systems; SOF’s PCU, Army’s Gen III ECWCS and the Marine Corps “Happy” Jacket have validated EPIC by Nextec®’s versatile performance under a wide range of conditions; when lives are on the line and survival is the # 1 criteria versus marketing and/or brand recognition, EPIC by Nextec® separates itself from all others. Hundreds of thousands of kits featuring EPIC by Nextec® fabric since 2003 have been successfully fielded in active theatres, with outstanding performance feedback.

The proof is in the performance.

EPIC by Nextec® is chosen for a reason. There is no other fabric on the market that provides such a wide array of performance qualities. The EPIC by Nextec components of the Gen III ECWCS and the SOF PCU are perfect examples of this. A few of the unique characteristics...

Moisture Impermeability:
EPIC fabric has incredible moistuire impermeability; it allows for enhanced comfort in extreme conditions. Because the silicone encapsulated fibers don't soak up the water, the "freezer" effect is eliminated, and the low absorption quality of EPIC fabrics prevents clothes from feeling heavy from moisture. EPIC garments end up staying flexible and comfortable even in the hashest conditions.

Wind Resistant:
EPIC fabrics are highly effective in protecting the wearer from the dangers of convective cooling (a major cause of hypothermia in dangerous weather).

Abrasion resistant: Increased durability, without increased weight. The abrasion resistant qualities of EPIC by Nextec® ensure that gear and apparel will stand up to wear and tear, and increase the lifespan of a garment.

Fast Dry Time:
In varied operational theatres, keeping gear dry is of paramount importance. EPIC by Nextec® is unique for the fact that it has the ability to dry while the soldier is in a static position, including while the soldier is sleeping. The body acts as a heat pump, and works to dry the apparel while the user is at rest. This is a huge advantage in varied and prolonged conditions.

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