Amphibious Cotton® by Nextec

EPIC by Nextec® Cotton is performance cotton that'll change the way you dress.

It's windproof, water repellent, breathable and washable. Water absorption is minimal, so EPIC by Nextec® Cotton dries super quick.

Yet it has all the comfort of real cotton. Because it is.

Our encapsulation process is what makes it a different species. The protection is inside the fabric, encapsulating the actual fibers. No crunchy laminates. No stiff coatings. Just true cotton comfort that repels everything from water to red wine.

It's amphibious performance that lasts, in any environment.

Amphibious Cotton® by Nextec is used by:
Men's Tazga Shorts

Women's Jerada Shorts

Women's Menkal 3/4 Pants

Available at Kathmandu stores across Australia and New Zealand

  Orvis Amphibious Cotton® Ranger Jacket

Orvis Go-Anywhere Amphibious Cotton® Jacket

Orvis Amphibious Cotton® A-2 Bomber Jacket

Orvis Amphibious Cotton® Trenchcoat